All Hyundai vehicles, both new and old, require routine maintenance. Being proactive with your vehicle’s maintenance allows you to spot problems earlier, potentially saving you money on expensive repairs and lowering the likelihood that something hazardous will happen while you’re driving. Your Houston Auto Web expert will perform a variety of standard inspections when you bring your car to us for a Hyundai auto service.

Evaluation Of The Wheels And Tyres

Your tyres’ pressure will be checked, and we’ll make sure the wheels are all properly aligned. This can increase fuel efficiency, extend the life of your tires, and lower accident risk. Our experts will make sure the wheels are positioned optimally in accordance with the regulations for your car model and that the tread depth on the tyres meets the legal minimum requirement.

Check The Pollen Filter

The pollen filter in your automobile works to keep the air flowing into the cabin clean by removing pollen, grime, and other impurities. This filter should be changed periodically because it gets dirtier the more you drive. Your pollen filter will be inspected by one of our mechanics, who will be able to determine whether it needs to be replaced. We’ll keep an eye out for signs of a blockage like restricted airflow, an unpleasant odor, and noises.

Suspension And Steering

Your car’s steering and suspension systems operate in concert to maintain control. Driving wears down these systems over time, which can lead to unstable vehicle operation, excessive tyre wear, and even loss of steering control. If you notice any control issues while driving, please let us know so we can look into the cause of the issue. We will inspect and maintain these systems during your routine servicing.

Brake Examination

Your Hyundai’s brakes will undergo a comprehensive inspection as part of your service because they are an essential safety element. This includes evaluating the quantity and quality of braking fluid as well as looking for any indications of loose or damaged connectors. Additionally, we’ll check to see if the thickness of your brake pads meets the requirements for the vehicle model and, if not, suggest a replacement.

Other Crucial Inspections

In general, the goal of your Hyundai auto service is to make sure that your car is safe to drive and is operating at its best. We’ll check that other parts, such as your lights, air conditioner, windscreen wipers and washers, spark plugs, and fuel filter, are operating as they should.

Your oil will be inspected, and if necessary, topped off. Please feel free to ask any further questions concerning your vehicle when you are at the local Houston Auto Web Dealership. We will be pleased to provide our frank, knowledgeable guidance.

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