Trading a Car In Houston, TX

Trading in a car to upgrading is something we all go through. At some point, trading in your vehicle will become a reality. When it does, there are several questions that may arise like “How much is my vehicle worth?” or “My car isn’t in the best condition. Will anyone accept it for a trade in?” These are valid questions and you should take the time to research the trade in process before approaching a dealership.

How Much Is My Trade In Vehicle Worth?

There are several reference guides available for consumers to know what a vehicle’s worth is, the more popular being Kelley Blue Book and the National Automobile Dealership Association’s Appraisal Guides. They include both domestic & foreign vehicles up to 10 years in age and are a great tool when looking to trade in your vehicle. Be honest with yourself about your car’s current condition when determining the value. Don’t set unrealistic expectations and keep in mind that a dealership may offer you less than what you think your vehicle is worth.

Trading a Car? Ways to Make a Vehicle Trade In Worthy

It’s important that a dealership knows you’re serious about trading in your vehicle. The following tips can help with getting your car ready for a potential trade in:

  • Clean the inside & outside of your car thoroughly. Make sure to rid your vehicle of any unpleasant odors. Do your best to remove any stains that may be on the seats or floors.
  • Know the condition of your vehicle. Focus on the positives your vehicle possesses, such as optional accessories, MPG, or lower than average mileage. Don’t be quick to point out any flaws your vehicle may have, but also be honest about any issues if asked.
  • If there are repairs that need to be made to your vehicle, do your research. Know how much those repairs would cost. It’s cheaper for a dealer to make repairs; it may be possible to use this to your advantage when discussing a trade.
  • If you have kept all of your maintenance records for your vehicle, take them with you to the dealership. Showing proof of maintenance history may encourage a dealer to give you more money for your trade in. Don’t be afraid to ask.

Finding the Right Dealership

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Trade in your vehicle and trade up! Do it today!